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Guide to Choosing Perth Building Inspectors

When considering buying a home or commercial space, one of the crucial steps is getting a professional inspection. This not only affirms the building’s condition but also brings to light any potential issues that might not be noticeable at first glance. In Perth, where properties range from historical architectures to modern builds, it’s vital to ensure that your building inspector knows their stuff.

But what exactly does a building inspector do, and why is this role so critical for property buyers here in Perth? Simply put, they are professionals who carry out detailed assessments of properties to identify any structural defects, safety concerns, or maintenance issues. This serves a paramount purpose, offering peace of mind by revealing the property’s true condition, which might affect your purchasing decision.

Knowing the critical role inspectors play, it’s also imperative to step into this process with the right information. This will not only simplify finding the perfect inspector but will also ensure you understand their evaluations, helping you make a well-informed purchase. Selecting a qualified and experienced building inspector can be the key to securing a property that is not only structurally sound but also a worthwhile investment.

Understanding the Role of a Building Inspector

What do we do as building inspectors? Our main job is to assess buildings to ensure they are up to snuff thoroughly. This isn’t just about checking if a door squeaks or if the paint is peeling; it’s about deep-diving into a property’s structure and systems. We look at the foundation, the roof, plumbing, electrical systems, and much more. Each of these elements can significantly influence a property’s value and safety.

Why are we crucial for property buyers in Perth? Home buyers, and even commercial property investors, can’t see through walls or beneath floors. We help you understand precisely what you’re thinking about buying. We pinpoint problems that could cost plenty down the road or might pose safety issues. Our expertise provides you with the insights you need to make informed, confident decisions about your investments, ensuring you know exactly the condition of what will likely be one of your most significant purchases.

Key Qualifications and Certifications to Look For

When choosing a building inspector in Perth, looking at their qualifications and certifications is crucial. But what qualifications should you be checking? At a minimum, a competent building inspector should hold a Building Inspector’s license issued by the Western Australian Building Commission. This certification assures you that the inspector has met the necessary education and experience requirements to perform inspections professionally.

Moreover, reputable professionals often hold memberships in industry bodies such as the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors or the Master Builders Association. These affiliations indicate an ongoing commitment to industry standards and continual professional development, which is essential in a field where regulations and standards frequently update. These certifications and memberships are not just fancy titles—they are your assurance that the inspector understands current laws, building codes, and best practices in building safety and management in Perth.

How to Evaluate a Building Inspector’s Experience

Evaluating the experience of a building inspector is crucial to ensure you are receiving competent services tailored for properties in Perth. Local experience is particularly crucial because each area can have its unique construction styles and common issues. We pride ourselves on understanding the intricacies of Perth properties, which allows us to provide targeted and beneficial insights.

When assessing our track record and portfolio, it’s valuable to consider not just the quantity of inspections we have performed but the quality and outcomes of these inspections. Check for reviews or testimonies from previous clients. These are strong indicators of our past performance and reliability. It’s also wise to look at the variety of inspections we have handled, which should range from new constructions to heritage buildings for which Perth is known, to understand our scope of expertise.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Building Inspector

Before deciding on a building inspector, you should ask some critical questions to ensure you choose a reliable expert. First, inquire about what the inspection will cover and ensure it meets the full scope of what you need. Ask about the tools and technology we use—advanced tools like thermal imaging can reveal hidden issues that are not visible to the naked eye.

It’s also essential to understand the inspection process. Ask us how long the inspection will take when you can expect the report, and what level of detail it will include. Another good question is about our process for addressing any potential issues found during the inspection. These questions will help you gauge our expertise and reliability, clarify your expectations, and ensure you’re fully informed about the process.


Choosing the right building inspector in Perth requires understanding their role, checking their qualifications and certifications, evaluating their local experience, and asking informed questions before deciding. Remember, a thorough inspection can significantly affect your investment decision, saving you from expensive future repairs and offering peace of mind.

Contact us if you’re planning to buy a property and need a seasoned Perth building inspector who combines local expertise with a robust understanding of broader construction principles. At ABBC Building Inspectors, we ensure comprehensive and transparent inspections aligned with current Perth building standards. Secure your property’s future and book an inspection with us today.

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