Under Construction Inspections

What is an under construction inspection?

Having regular under construction inspections on your house can ensure that the home you’re left with is the one you paid for.

An under construction inspection, or series of inspections, are undertaken during the building process by a third party (separate from you and your builder) to make sure things are being done according to the plans. We recommend that everyone who is considering building a new home in Perth, WA, seek out a qualified and experienced building inspector for a series of under construction inspections.

By performing an under construction inspection at each of the five building milestones you can be assured that issues are picked up along the way, avoiding them becoming more major problems in the future. We look for structural issues, workmanship issues, deviations from the plans and other issues in construction. We compare the completed construction work against the plans and to local and national standards and tolerances. We then provide this to you in a clear, simple and easy to understand report.

Building a house can already be a complicated process, ABBC Building Inspectors can help remove some of that stress by making sure your build is being executed right.

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Do I really need an under construction inspection?

In Western Australia, it isn’t a mandatory part of the building process to have under construction inspections by Council during the building process.  This can mean that small, and sometimes large, defects can be overlooked by a building supervisor in his or her busy schedule. Without an impartial third party, these issues can escalate and become more problematic than necessary, potentially blowing out costs. That’s why we recommend getting a series of under construction home inspections when planning to build a new house. With a qualified and experienced inspector conducting a thorough under construction inspection you can be assured that your house is being built according to local and Australian

Maybe your build is already underway and you’re concerned about the work that’s already been done? ABBC Building Inspectors can get involved at any stage of your build, from planning to hand-over so we can help solve those nagging doubts no matter what stage you’re at! We can also tailor our under construction inspection packages to include as many of the stages of construction as you need.

Why Choose ABBC Building Inspectors?


ABBC Building Inspectors are some of the most experienced building inspectors in Perth. Many of our building inspectors in Perth have been in the field for more than 15 years on their own. This experience in the local area has given us a knack for detecting deviations from the local building standards and codes.


While there are no formal, government required qualifications to perform prepurchase building inspections in Perth, we believe this situation is wrong. In accordance, it is standard that all of our building inspectors maintain current builders’ registration. This provides our customers with a high level of knowledge and experience in construction in Western Australia.

Fully Insured

ABBC Building Inspectors hold all relevant insurances, including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This means that in the unlikely event that our inspector were to get injured on the job, or get something wrong in their identifying of a problem, ABBC can be relied upon to help you be protected from the consequences.

Simple, Clear Reports

We adhere to and exceed all of the current Western Australian and Australian reporting standards - but that doesn’t mean our prepurchase building reports are filled with confusing jargon and technicalities. Our reports are presented to you in clear English that anybody could understand to help you avoid misunderstanding all the technical jargon.

Going Above and Beyond (Reporting Standards)

Our building reports meet all of the required standards set by the Australian standard for building reports. But, our reports also go above and beyond this by meeting and, in some cases, exceeding the optional standards set down by InspectWA. A higher standard of report means better value for you! Our inspection Agreements provide much more clarity as to what our reports cover.


Plans Check

“one-hour review of plans to review buildability, solar passive design etc prior to signing the contract”

Price: $650

Inspections from start-to-finish

“5 single- or 7 double-storey individual staged inspections from slab down to Practical Completion”

Price: From $2,950 - send in your plans

Slab Down

“ready to go now, let’s keep the builder honest!”

Price: from $495

Slab and Brick (Two Stages at once)

“noticing issues at brickwork stage but don’t want to commit to every stage”

Price: From $950

Slab, Brick and Roof on (Three Stages at once)

“noticing issues and want all the basic structure checked”

Price: From $1,275

Practical Completion (PCI)

“comprehensive inspection at first Practical completion Inspection with the builder”

Price: From $895 - Send us your plans & we will send you a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

We will spend an hour or so reviewing your plans to look at liveability aspects of the design that the builder’s sales consultant may not have thought about. Remember, he’s there to make sure the sale goes through – we are there to be on your side. Are the bench heights OK? do the house block levels make sense? is it oriented on the block the right way? Do the dimensions of the plan add up? Can the neighbours see into your private areas? All this and more…..

We will work through our unique checklist to make sure that the slab, earthworks, retaining walls and fences are ready for the next stage of the works. Are the services correctly sized? Are the footings deep enough? Is the level on the block correct? We check the slab, as laid, thoroughly to give you peace-of-mind.

Brickwork not only has to look good, but performs a critical structural function. Our inspector will work through our specially designed checklist to make sure that costly mistakes are not covered up by the building process. The experience of our inspector also tells him if something additional to our checklist, particular to this house, is amiss. Our thorough inspection keeps an eye on the technical details and the aesthetics. Brick ties, insulation, lintels, frame ties, weepholes – all are critical to your house meeting appropriate Standards.

Our Roof-On inspection is designed to inspect the roof frame, roof cover and roof plumbing in one visit, saving you time and money. It will normally coincide with a major claim by the builder, so we recommend this inspection as one of the most important to do. It is also the one that will guard against structural issues being found when you come to sell by a pre-purchase building inspector working for the buyer. If you don’t want leaks or roof sags and you want roof stability in high winds, this inspection is a must.

The waterproofing and lock-up stage inspection is important to set the tone for what is expected of the builder for the Practical Completion Inspection. As well as checking on waterproofing and screeds, windows, doors, services rough-in, and external render we will be looking at your ceiling and wall plastering, cabinets and tiling if installed. This inspection complements the previous inspections and is you last chance before the completion to issue instructions to the builder if previously found items have gone unrectified.

Ideally, we would attend site to inspect the slab preparation before it is poured. As well as checking the structural requirements against the structural plan, we would be checking the position of services, cast-in lighting, drainage points and air-conditioning penetrations. There are other aspects that the form worker or steel-worker may not be thinking about – stair setout, shelf angles, cover to exposed concrete to mention a few. You would not believe how many times these details go unchecked and rectification is sometimes impossible. We would ask that your builder allow a full day between trades finishing and concrete arriving so that these details can be checked.

It is just as important to look at upper floor brickwork detailing, sometimes more so, when aspects such as flashings, weepholes, reverse brick veneer or other claddings and insulation are so important. Why chance trying to check these items yourself, when our services are so cost-effective?

Your Builder will ask you to attend what is called first PCI, to check all aspects of the house to compile a list of defects to all facets of the house. This normally takes 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the house, the ability of the builder and who is attending. Our inspection goes room by room, elevation by elevation and roof interior and exterior to note all items requiring attention. We will check the front elevation against the plans to make sure that the front of the house looks like what was intended (you would not believe how many times this proves not to the case).

Yes, we can pick up the trail of most defects even if the house is totally finished. Once we have looked at your plans, our trained staff will be able to advise the best sequence of inspections, even if the house is finished. Send us your details and we will be back to you as promptly as we can.

ABBC Building Inspectors prides itself on looking after our customers – we work for you and can help you no matter what the budget. Sometimes just one inspection can change the psychology of the supervisor to expect all stages to be inspected. Give our office a call and have a confidential chat about tailoring an inspection plan just for you. Maybe we are looking at another house in the same street and can offset the travel component in getting to the job.
If you are a developer building multiple residences at once on one site we can also tailor a programme of inspections to meet your budget – reduced travel expenses is just the start of the savings.

Your needs as the customer come first with ABBC – if you only want one brick inspected, we would arrange for this to be done economically, thoroughly and quickly! It may be appropriate to arrange for an Investigation Inspection to direct our inspection to just your problem. Of course, for a lot of customers, what you are worried about may not be what we are worried about! A comprehensive inspection of the entire stage may not be much more expensive.

All of our inspections and reports are written without favour to anyone, they are written the same for Owner, Builder and subcontractor. Our inspector will assess any building work against the approved plans, National Construction Code, relevant Australian Standards, manufacturer’s instructions and the WA Guide to Standards and Tolerances. There may also be industry body standards to be taken into account. Your inspector is paid to know more than any Builder.

If you send us your details, we would be happy to send you a copy of a sample inspection and a copy of our useful guide on how to select a building inspector. Tap our ‘contact me’ button now and place in the comments that you want a copy of our sample report.