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ABBC Building Inspectors Services

It can be tough to find a building inspector in Perth that can show that they have the knowledge and experience to deliver quality service. ABBC Building Inspectors is a company that specialises in building inspections in the Perth region of Western Australia. We can also travel to regional areas by request, get in contact to find out more!

With one of the most experienced and qualified teams in Perth, we can help you to achieve your construction goals/needs. We have experience in everything from a standard prepurchase building inspection, to overseeing the construction of your next project. We can even get involved while your build is already underway to help alleviate any nagging fears/doubts you might be having.

Pre-purchase Inspection

A prepurchase inspection helps you to keep your peace of mind when choosing to purchase a home. You can rest easy that your investment is sound after having one of our qualified and experienced building inspectors attend the property to make certain that there are no structural issues with the house from the footings to the roof cover. We also have comprehensive reports that cover everything at the house, including non-structural items and maintenance issues.

Under Construction Inspection

Considering building a home? Or maybe you’ve already started and are having some nagging feelings? We can get involved at any stage of the building process to help ensure that your home gets built the way it was intended to be. ABBC Building Inspectors can be your objective yet knowledgeable point of view on site at the various stages of building. We will attend your building site on completion of each of the stages of building to make sure things have been done according to industry standard and practice. We then make a report of our findings and how any issues may be rectified which is given to you and the building supervisor. Stop small construction problems becoming major ones by having under construction inspections along the way.
Strata 10 year plan | strata maintenance plans 10 years for Perth, WA

10 Year Maintenance Plans

Not only are ten year maintenance plans a requirement for many Western Australian strata titles to hold, it’s a great idea for any strata to have. A ten year strata maintenance plan includes an itemised (and costed???) account of what needs to be maintained at your building or block of units and when it should be done. A ten year maintenance plan helps for property owners in a strata complex to plan for savings to be taken and expended over time. This takes some of the shock away when expensive commons areas need repair or replacing like lifts or driveways. Save your rapport with your neighbours and plan ahead with a ten year strata maintenance plan.

Defects Liability Period Inspections

After completing construction of a house in Western Australia, an owner has a six month period in which they can call back the builder of their home to rectify small issues that may have arisen over time. Many people are aware of this, but aren’t sure exactly what they can call back a builder for. That’s where we step in. ABBC Building Inspectors can create a comprehensive list of these items. We make sure that your builder returns to fix everything they should, leaving you with a house in top condition for you to maintain.

Our reports are clear and simple so that you and your builder know where the touch-ups are necessary.

Dilapidation Surveys

Construction can be a stressful process, not least for the structures surrounding the building site. Sometimes disputes can arise over the state of surrounding properties and whether damage has been caused or made worse by construction. Getting a dilapidation survey from ABBC Building Inspectors is an easy and effective way to stop these kinds of disputes in their tracks. We attend all of the adjoining properties and document the extent of the cracking and damage to the properties. This way, a dispute can be resolved simply by referring to our clear and simple report.

Investigation Reports

Are you concerned with cracking, moisture or other building related issues around your home or work? Has a contractor already been called out, perhaps multiple times, for the same issue?

Put the doubts, fears and recurrent problems to bed once and for all with an investigation report from ABBC Building Inspectors. We will attend your property for the sole purpose of diagnosing the problem and solution. We will attend as many times as is required to get the problem fixed. Our reports are presented in plain and clear english so that you and your contractor can get on with fixing the problem.


“Andrew’s knowledge, experience, and customer service is first class. His knowledge is expert. He has strong experience of building regulations, acts and laws, and is a terrific advocate for those in need of an ethical and experienced inspector. I fully recommend his professional services. ”
- Flyin Free
“With a great deal of experience within the building industry. Andrew and his team will find things that others will not. If you are purchasing a new home, or are doing a new build Andrew is a must have for your building inspections!”
- Leonard Commins
“We have recently built our home and discovered we have multiple leaks, our building couldn't figure out the reasons. We decided to call ABBC building inspectors as they came highly recommeded, I wish we have booked them during our building process, Andrew did a full inspection and not only found the problem to our leak but also the specific solutions to get the prblem resolved. Save your self trouble and money and call ABBC for your prepurchase or buidlign inspections they are the best! ”
- Reem Kubba