Defects Liability Period Inspections

What are Defects Liability Period Inspections?

Seeing a few problems with your recent new home or apartment? A defects liability period inspection can help resolve those issues.

There are generally two types of defects liability period inspections available to the homeowner. The first is written into your building contract and is usually between 3month and 12 months after Practical Completion. At this point the Builder is looking to repair normal settling-in issues such as loose door handles, misaligned cabinet doors, cornice cracking and settlement cracking. The Builder will also rectify faulty workmanship and materials if it is brought to his attention. Make sure that you lodge these defects with the Builder in writing at least a week before the expiry of the contract-specified period.

The second type of defects liability period inspection is a statutory consumer right – every type of building work over $1 has a warranty for 6 years against faulty workmanship or materials, claimable through the administration of the Building Commission. If you have had a number of issues over the last 5 years and finally want something done, a defects liability period inspection can describe all those issues for submission to your builder. 

These types of inspections usually escalate to the Building Commission and sometimes to the State Administrative Tribunal before they are resolved – make sure that your inspector is prepared to take these issues all the way. Our inspector will stand with you, speak the Builder’s language and be able to advise as to when a much more detailed Building Commission report is required.

Defects Liability Period Inspections
Defects Liability Period Inspections

Why do you need a Defects Liability Period Inspection?

You know what is wrong with your new construction, right! But you don’t know what you don’t know!

At virtually every house we go to at the time of Defects Liability, Owners are keenly aware of issues which have arisen that did not meet their expectations in a finished home. It is common that what we are worried about is completely different to what they are worried about. This will only be revealed by inspection and by writing a simple report that flags to the Builder all the issues. 

Once the Builder has received our easy-to-read Defects Liability Inspection Report, usually most Builders will get on to fix 95% of the issues. We leave it up to you to determine whether the 5% is worth fighting about – because to take it the next step through the Building Commission will cost likely $300+ per defect just to write the report! 

So, get all your Defects out in the open, on the first step to getting your dream home absolutely finished. Get an ABBC Building Inspectors Defects Liability Period Inspection report.

Why Choose ABBC Building Inspectors?


ABBC Building Inspectors are some of the most experienced building inspectors in Perth. Many of our building inspectors in Perth have been in the field for more than 15 years on their own. This experience in the local area has given us a knack for detecting deviations from the local building standards and codes.


While there are no formal, government required qualifications to perform prepurchase building inspections in Perth, we believe this situation is wrong. In accordance, it is standard that all of our building inspectors maintain current builders’ registration. This provides our customers with a high level of knowledge and experience in construction in Western Australia

Fully Insured

ABBC Building Inspectors hold all relevant insurances, including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This means that in the unlikely event that our inspector were to get injured on the job, or get something wrong in their identifying of a problem, ABBC can be relied upon to help you be protected from the consequences.

Simple, Clear Reports

We adhere to and exceed all of the current Western Australian and Australian reporting standards - but that doesn’t mean our prepurchase building reports are filled with confusing jargon and technicalities. Our reports are presented to you in clear English that anybody could understand to help you avoid misunderstanding all the technical jargon.

Going Above and Beyond (Reporting Standards)

Our building reports meet all of the required standards set by the Australian standard for building reports. But, our reports also go above and beyond this by meeting and, in some cases, exceeding the optional standards set down by InspectWA. A higher standard of report means better value for you! Our inspection Agreements provide much more clarity as to what our reports cover.


Defects Liability Period Inspections FAQ's

A Defects Inspection is an inspection carried out usually at the end of building work to determine if there are any defects in the construction. This can be for an entire house or for the work of a contractor building on part of a property, such as a new driveway, replacement of kitchen cabinets or a bathroom make-over. The purpose of the inspection and report is to be able to summarise the faults to bring them to the attention of the responsible Builder or Contractor.

The contractual period of Defects Liability for an entire house will be described in your building contract, customarily 3 months, four months or twelve months. The legal liability of the Builder or Contractor is 6 years from the date of completion in order to raise the issue with the Building Commission. In principle, complaints older than 6 years can be brought to the attention of the Courts, but are likely to be expensive to prosecute.

If you don’t take any action – nothing will happen! If you are upset at a shonky builder’s work, get it inspected and raise a complaint with the Building Commission. Our friendly inspectors can guide you through the process and give you a peace of mind – even if nothing is wrong, isn’t it better to find out from an independently qualified ABBC building professional?

The Defect Notification period with the Building Commission is six years. Please don’t leave it until the final day to take action – if your gut is telling you that something is not right, ask one of our inspectors for their opinion and written report.

According to legislation, you have 6 years from completion to lodge a complaint with the Building Commission. They handle all sorts of complaints on faulty workmanship or faulty building materials up until 6 years from when the job was finished.  We can advise you as to how to proceed, if you ring our friendly staff on 9200 4200.