Builder Next Level

Are you a Builder going to the Next Level?

Dreaming of repeat customers, quality workmanship and reduced maintenance costs?

ABBC Building Inspectors work with selected Builders who want to take their business to the Next Level. Customer service that’s talked about around Perth, two-way feedback from your subcontractors to make your jobs better at no extra cost and a proactive approach to reducing maintenance are the result of using our dedicated building inspectors to highlight and deal with issues (usually before they happen) in a true spirit of cooperation that puts your customers at ease.

Your customers will relax, knowing that their interests are being totally looked after by you, saving you time and money in unnecessary administration costs and the benefits of good referrals from happy customers.

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Builder next level - building inspectors for builders

Builder Next Level

The Builder Next Level programme isn’t for every builder – it takes courage to realise that the journey with your customer is not easy, and that change in your business is not easy either. We can help you implement change to take your business to new levels of sales, new levels of customer service. 

We work with you and your on-site team to identify problems before they happen, to weed out practices that are working against you and to make you stand out from the crowd to your customers. 

Take your business to the Next Level with ABBC Building Inspectors as your trusted advisory partner.

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Next Level Builders Program

Why Choose ABBC Building Inspectors?


ABBC Building Inspectors are some of the most experienced building inspectors in Perth. Many of our building inspectors in Perth have been in the field for more than 15 years on their own. This experience in the local area has given us a knack for detecting deviations from the local building standards and codes.


While there are no formal, government required qualifications to perform prepurchase building inspections in Perth, we believe this situation is wrong. In accordance, it is standard that all of our building inspectors maintain current builders’ registration. This provides our customers with a high level of knowledge and experience in construction in Western Australia.

Fully Insured

ABBC Building Inspectors hold all relevant insurances, including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This means that in the unlikely event that our inspector were to get injured on the job, or get something wrong in their identifying of a problem, ABBC can be relied upon to help you be protected from the consequences.

Simple, Clear Reports

We adhere to and exceed all of the current Western Australian and Australian reporting standards - but that doesn’t mean our prepurchase building reports are filled with confusing jargon and technicalities. Our reports are presented to you in clear English that anybody could understand to help you avoid misunderstanding all the technical jargon.

Going Above and Beyond (Reporting Standards)

Our building reports meet all of the required standards set by the Australian standard for building reports. But, our reports also go above and beyond this by meeting and, in some cases, exceeding the optional standards set down by InspectWA. A higher standard of report means better value for you! Our inspection Agreements provide much more clarity as to what our reports cover.


Builder Next Level FAQ's

A good builder, as viewed by the customer, is a builder that carries out the building work in a timely manner in accordance with the plans and specifications to a good standard (judged by the customer). The Builder Next Level programme takes out that subjectivity of the view of the customer, to be replaced by the unbiased view of an independent building construction expert. Over time that standard becomes the benchmark by which that builder is known.

A high-end builder is not necessarily a builder who is building expensive houses. A high-end builder has a mix of good materials, good tradespeople and has the time to supervise and plan the works in a detailed manner. It is the attention to the little things that results in a high-end product. 

The time put In by ABBC Building Inspectors and the quality of their experienced advice can give you an edge in paying attention to those little things. Over a succession of jobs. that experience becomes second-nature to what you do, allowing you that time to better control the works, satisfy the customer and to stand out from the crowd.

The best construction quality builders are those who have spent the time, or taken quality advice from construction experts such as ABBC, to really examine what their subcontractors are doing, what materials they are using and how those materials are being used. Quality comes from investment in education, education of the builder, the office staff, the subcontractors and the customers. We can tell you which builders are listening….

Builders technical quality assurance checklist?

The Building Commission of WA offers a checklist to both builders and customers to follow in the construction of a home. Andrew Booth has been inspecting for over twenty years in Perth and wrote the checklists for other building inspectors and was the first to implement the waterproofing inspection. Now ABBC Building Inspectors use his considerably longer and more detailed checklist as the starting point of their inspections. 

Because there is so much more to see than just what is on a checklist – our inspectors are paid to take the time to stop and assess the likely future issues which will beset the building and note how the work going on now will affect that outcome.