Dilapidation Survey Report

What is a Dilapidation Survey?

Don’t let negligence by works on your neighbour’s property damage your property without being able to prove it. 


Before your neighbour starts demolition or compaction works, you need to prove what the condition of your house was, because the vibration of the demolition and earthworks next door or across the road may shatter your dreams and your health. Our comprehensive report will identify any cracks, settlement or dislodgement of all parts of your existing property – if the unfortunate does happen you can prove to anyone how your property has changed for the worse.

Ask our staff for a price, most houses $650 including GST

Dilapidation Survey Report
Dilapidation Survey Report

Why you need a Dilapidation Survey Report?

It is very hard to prove damage in retrospect, get in and inspect your property now before the unthinkable happens. Collapsing ceilings, loose grouting, cracked tiles, cracked brickwork and plaster are all possible side effects of building work on your neighbour’s property. 

Even the council doing roadworks, drainage works or other maintenance has the possibility to cause damage to your property. Don’t think that this is something that the Builder or the Council should be taking care of – protect yourself before the works start.

Why Choose ABBC Building Inspectors?


ABBC Building Inspectors are some of the most experienced building inspectors in Perth. Many of our building inspectors in Perth have been in the field for more than 15 years on their own. This experience in the local area has given us a knack for detecting deviations from the local building standards and codes.


While there are no formal, government required qualifications to perform prepurchase building inspections in Perth, we believe this situation is wrong. In accordance, it is standard that all of our building inspectors maintain current builders’ registration. This provides our customers with a high level of knowledge and experience in construction in Western Australia

Fully Insured

ABBC Building Inspectors hold all relevant insurances, including professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. This means that in the unlikely event that our inspector were to get injured on the job, or get something wrong in their identifying of a problem, ABBC can be relied upon to help you be protected from the consequences.

Simple, Clear Reports

We adhere to and exceed all of the current Western Australian and Australian reporting standards - but that doesn’t mean our prepurchase building reports are filled with confusing jargon and technicalities. Our reports are presented to you in clear English that anybody could understand to help you avoid misunderstanding all the technical jargon.

Going Above and Beyond (Reporting Standards)

Our building reports meet all of the required standards set by the Australian standard for building reports. But, our reports also go above and beyond this by meeting and, in some cases, exceeding the optional standards set down by InspectWA. A higher standard of report means better value for you! Our inspection Agreements provide much more clarity as to what our reports cover.


Dilapidation Survey Report FAQ's

A dilapidation report contains a written description of existing damage to a property (cracking,
settlement, sagging) on a given day, and has photos if applicable to describe those issues. Our
reports also anticipate future damage by recording the state of fences, verges, roads and footpaths
on th day of inspection.

A condition report is used by Owners and tenants to gauge the relative condition of the property on
a certain date. A condition report is concerned with existing damage, stains, the state of general
wear and tear. A condition report is usually a tick the box exercise with some photos. A condition
report tries to separate normal maintenance from unusual wear and tear by previous occupants.
A dilapidation survey regards itself with items on a given property that might get damaged by mess
or vibration from an adjacent property in the future whilst building work is going on. It is a report
which tries to anticipate disputes which may arise in the future, not settle disputes arising from use
of the property in the past.

ABBC Building Inspectors go to great lengths to protect the interests of both parties reading a
dilapidation survey – the Builder and the Home Owner. Our reports not only record any cracking
going on inside and outside the house in question, sagging ceilings, sagging eaves, depressed paving,
damaged fencing – we also take note of areas of the property that might get damaged by
contractors during the works such as the verges, common service pits, service poles, street trees
that sort of thing.

By being thorough and detailed, there can be no doubt as to what the condition was like on a certain