Buying your DREAM HOME and nervous?

Buying A Home ?

Concerned about hidden problems when buying your dream established home?

under construction inspections | underconstruction inspection Perth

Building A House?

Are you worried about potential issues that can arise while building your house?

ABBC Building Inspectors Perth


Prepurchase Building Inspections

A prepurchase inspection will make sure your dream home is not a nightmare below the surface

Under Construction Inspections

We inspect, find and report any faults while under construction to you !

Investigation Report

Have a building problem that nobody seems to know how to solve? We can help!

Defects Liability Inspections

Our inspection report details everything the builder should return to fix after construction of your new home.

Dilapidation Survey Inspections

Construction can
cause cracking in nearby buildings; document existing
cracks with us and avoid future disputes.

Strata 10 year plan | strata maintenance plans 10 years for Perth, WA

Strata Maintenance 10-year plan

We report the maintenance to be done at your strata development to keep it in top condititon!

Builder Next Level Consulting

Are you a Builder looking to take your quality to the next level …



“Andrew’s knowledge, experience, and customer service is first class. His knowledge is expert. He has strong experience of building regulations, acts and laws, and is a terrific advocate for those in need of an ethical and experienced inspector. I fully recommend his professional services. ”
- Flyin Free
“With a great deal of experience within the building industry. Andrew and his team will find things that others will not. If you are purchasing a new home, or are doing a new build Andrew is a must have for your building inspections!”
- Leonard Commins
“We have recently built our home and discovered we have multiple leaks, our building couldn't figure out the reasons. We decided to call ABBC building inspectors as they came highly recommeded, I wish we have booked them during our building process, Andrew did a full inspection and not only found the problem to our leak but also the specific solutions to get the prblem resolved. Save your self trouble and money and call ABBC for your prepurchase or buidlign inspections they are the best! ”
- Reem Kubba

Why Choose ABBC Building Inspectors?

All our inspectors hold, at a minimum, Builders Registration with the Department of Commerce. You can rely on us for up-to-date advice and reports.

Our inspectors are some of the most experienced in Perth, many of whom have been in the field for 15 or more years! Our experience means we can help with almost any problem!

ABBC are a WA based company with local employees who are familiar with common local building practices. We can help you navigate the building process as your trusted adviser.

We make sure our reports are written in clear, understandable language and avoid confusing jargon as much as possible. Our reports rarely need explanation and can be handed directly to a contractor for proper rectification!

About Us

Clear, Simple & Actionable Building Inspection Reports

ABBC Building Inspectors set out with the idea that a building inspector in Perth can and should be relied upon to be a trustworthy and un-biased source of information. That is why we at ABBC Building Inspectors have chosen to make sure that all of our inspectors are Registered Builders with the Department of Commerce. This ensures that all of our Building Inspectors have a high standard of construction knowledge and have worked in the field.

ABBC Building Inspectors was started seven years ago, but their inspectors started earning their knowledge and experience long before that. Most of our inspectors hold more than 15 years of experience directly in the field. This means you can trust us to know the ins and outs of your new home or construction project! Over seven years and more than 2000 inspections, ABBC has expanded and evolved from a single inspector working to make sure every client is happy to a team all working with the same goal. Our experience and qualifications give us an edge on the competition.

Andrew Booth | ABBC Building inspectors Perth

Andrew Booth

BE(Civil) MAIB MIEAust

Registered Builder 9179

Mike Booth

Builder’s Registration 100890

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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, we recommend that everybody get an prepurchase house inspection. Perth homebuyers can avoid future problems, headaches and stress with a prepurchase inspection. We will give you an easily understandable report on the actual current state of the property and alert you to anything that you might need to be aware of about the property. A prepurchase inspection is the safest option when buying a home.
We have two levels of pre-purchase inspection that can suit your needs. Our most basic prepurchase inspection is the structural inspection; this will cover all structural aspects of the residence but nothing extra. Our more popular comprehensive prepurchase inspection reports on all aspects of the house and their current condition. We can even go one step further and organise for a range of extras like pest testing or meth testing as you require!
We can absolutely help you in getting your house built the way it should be. As registered builders, we all have years of experience across a range of construction areas. We can help with consulting from the planning phase, offering insight into how your plans with actually function as a real house. We can also get involved during the construction process at any point. Having a qualified building inspector take a look at your build at each stage of completion can minimise conflicts and will ensure a well built home.

During construction, we can start the inspections as early as you require
us to. Generally, it is most useful to have an inspection by a qualified
inspector at each of the stages of completion. This can be tailored to suit
your needs though, completing a report at as many or few of the stages
as you instruct.
By having an under construction inspection done by a qualified inspector,
issues are corrected along the way, helping prevent major cost blowouts!

Our inspectors are all registered builders and are some of the most
qualified building inspectors in Perth. Our wide range of experience in
many fields gives us the insight we need to get a handle on the problem
with your house. Our investigation report will outline the problem and
possible solutions to you in simple, plain English that you can hand to a
contractor to have it sorted.

Which inspection you need will depend on your building circumstances. Anyone considering building a house might want to consider building consulting and a set of under construction inspections; a home buyer
would be looking at our range of prepurchase inspections; someone with a particular issue might seek an investigation. We also offer dilapidation reports and strata maintenance reports.