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Building a new home? Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’ll be fault-free. Although builders in Western Australia are generally pretty reliable, subcontractors make mistakes and some mistakes can be more costly than others. Not noticing these mistakes during a crucial stage of a build could mean years of problems down the line.

The building process can often be a long and arduous one and if you’re new to building or don’t know much about Australian standards or building regulations, ABBC Building Inspectors can help make your life that little bit easier with their new home building inspections. Perth owners can hire ABBC Building Inspectors to inspect their homes during any stage of the build.

New to building? With ABBC, you’ll have an independent expert in the field.

Perth company ABBC Building Inspectors use registered builders experienced in building inspections for all their inspections, which is pivotal when it comes to new home building inspections. Perth Owners need someone who knows the ins and outs of new builds to fully ensure that their building meets the best in Australian standards.

If you’re looking to hire ABBC for an under-construction new home building inspection, you will need to provide a copy of your latest plans and specifications prior to inspection. Comparing this information to what’s on site, ABBC’s inspectors will be able to provide you with an easy-to-read report with photographs that review the facets of the house at each stage of your new home building (generally slab down; walls completed; roof on; waterproofing and tiling; and practical completion).

This comprehensive report not only lists any faults found, but describes why they are faulty and gives an excerpt from the relevant Australian Standard or Building Code that’s been compromised.

Don’t worry if you are already half way through – ABBC Building Inspectors can tailor an inspection at a special price to suit you!

ABBC can help you with any questions or queries you have about new home building inspections. Perth new home buyers about to embark on a new build journey, in the process of building or at the completion stage can contact ABBC for a quote today.

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