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Perth clients seek out independent building inspectors for a number of reasons. Property Owners commonly have a particular fault which they have been unable to rectify just by employing a “tradie”. Some don’t feel confident carrying out a final inspection of their newly built property without a little bit of help. Others might need assistance from an independent building inspector settling a dispute, or filing a complaint with the Building Commission. Here at ABBC, we can help you with investigation reports, expert witness statements, disputes and complaints quickly and professionally.

Do you have a persistent roof leak? Are you about to paint the house and you have found an unnerving crack? Do you see a ceiling sagging to one room? Is it time for re-coating the roof tiles? Are you about to pay a ‘tradie’ for a new driveway or patio or kitchen and your gut is telling you that something is not quite right?

These questions can be answered by an independent building inspection. Perth owners can employ an experienced builder who has reason to find additional ‘problems’ to provide a comprehensive report on how to fix the problem so that your tradies are all quoting on the same scope of works and can deliver a satisfactory outcome.

Advice from an independent building inspector can help assure you that the works have been constructed properly and explain it to the ‘tradie’ if it’s not right.

Has your builder advised you that your house has finished, but you don’t feel confident you’ll notice any poor workmanship or faulty materials at the final inspection? Hire ABBC as an independent building inspector. Perth clients choose us for our attention to detail, professionalism and understanding that not everyone is a building expert.

With our investigation reports, you can feel confident that your property issue has been checked by someone who knows exactly what to look for. In our report we explain any faults or issues found using the correct building terminology, and are happy to explain anything that you might not understand or query. And while other inspectors may only give you a list of faults, should you choose, your ABBC independent building inspector can provide you with an all-inclusive report that can be the basis of a claim with the Building Commission.

Need an honest, independent opinion regarding your building woes?
ABBC provide investigation reports, expert witness statements and legal advice to Perth clients.

Sometimes, when two parties cannot come to an agreement, their dispute needs to be settled in court. With building disputes, an impartial expert witness is often called upon as an independent building inspector to provide their unbiased, professional opinion. ABBC’s team have attended hearings at the Building Commission and State Administrative Tribunal as expert witnesses many times in the past.

An expert witness, whilst employed by one of the parties, has a duty to the court or arbitrator to make his report honestly, without fear or favour of any kind. You can rely on an ABBC independent building inspector to give you clear, direct opinions upon which you or your legal counsel can use to make decisions regarding your building problem.

Is your builder not listening or do they brush off your concerns with “She’ll be right, mate” or “Wait until it’s finished”? ABBC’s advice: Have your property thoroughly inspected. If there are significant problems found by our independent building inspector, Perth clients can engage us to discuss the findings with the builder.

ABBC is well-experienced with dealing with builders on site. We know how to negotiate using building language and terminology, and in pointing out what is ok and what is not.
Our dispute resolution services aren’t just for property owners. In the past we have been engaged by builders to determine if they have a legitimate dispute or not.

So whether you’re a builder or owner, call ABBC with your queries today.

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