Strata Maintenance Reports

Relatively new properties
Strata developments should be inspected around 5 years old, to determine if the initial building construction workmanship and materials were adequate. The same inspection will highlight operational issues, as well as providing the owners with a plan for on-going maintenance.

Faulty workmanship issues which have not been addressed by your builder can have complaints made through the Building Commission up to 6 years from Practical Completion.

Andrew has worked on a number of Perth projects, for details please contact Andrew directly.

Older properties

Older properties will always need some maintenance. Is it time for a fresh pair of eyes to come through the property and look at the maintenance issues, prioritise them and provide a plan for the next 3 years?

Andrew is well-experienced with looking at older properties to both see the current problems and to anticipate likely future problems which may need preventive maintenance. This information can also be put into a sinking fund analysis so Owners can budget for future maintenance.