What makes Andrew Booth Building Consultant different from some other companies?

  1. Andrew is a Registered Builder, approximately 40% of other inspectors trading in Perth are not Registered Builders.
  2. Andrew has 30 years experience in the Building Industry, in Western Australia; some other inspectors have less than 2 years experience and charge a similar fee.
  3. Andrew has 15 years experience in actual Building Inspection, some others have less than one year and charge a similar fee.
  4. Andrew Booth does the inspection, writes the report and is responsible for the contents of the report. His signature is on the bottom of the report.


Does my report include a white ant inspection?

No, timber pest inspection is a separate building discipline although ABBC can organise it for you through a reliable pest control company if you wish, for an added cost.


Does my report include plumbing and electrical commentary?

If dangerous wiring or unsatisfactory plumbing work are observed, it will be listed in the Safety Items commentary in the report.


How long will a Pre-Purchase Inspection take?

The inspection time varies between different types of houses, but can be up to 2 hours. Please ask Andrew at the time of booking if this is a concern.


Do I need to be present at the inspection?



Can I be present at the inspection?

Under the terms of your Offer and Acceptance you are limited in the number of times you can re-inspect the property after the Offer is accepted. You can be present if the Vendor allows it – it is best to check with the Real Estate Agent.


How do I pay?

ABBC accepts cash, direct deposit, Visa card or MasterCard.


How soon will I receive my written report?

If there is a structural defect or major defect with the property, Andrew will ring you on the day of inspection. You will receive your written report the day after the inspection by email.


How is the inspection organised?

We usually liaise with the agent to arrange a time suitable for us, the agent, the vendor and /or yourself.


Which areas do you service?

ABBC is based in Ardross. ABBC services the Perth metropolitan area which is covered by the standard fee structure. This includes areas within 5km of Yanchep and Mandurah.

A travel fee will apply to country areas, best to contact ABBCdirectly for a quotation.


What does an inspection cost?

Reports start at $350; the price of your report will depend on the time it will take to inspect the property and write report. For a fixed-price quotation, please fill out the request for quotation form.

Where is ABBC based?

12 Canna Way, Ardross, WA 6153