Expert Witness


Disputes which involve building matters which need legal forums to settle the dispute invariably need the opinion of an impartial Expert Witness to clearly define in writing

What is the problem?

Why is it a problem?

Which Australian Standards or Building Codes have been breached?

What would be a suitable remedy to the problem?

Andrew Booth is an impartial Expert Witness.

An Expert Witness, whilst employed by one of the parties, has a duty to the court or arbitrator to make his report honestly, without fear or favour of any kind. You can rely on Andrew to give you clear, direct opinions upon which you or your legal counsel can use to make decisions regarding your building problem.

Andrew has been called to give evidence on behalf of his clients at the State Administrative Tribunal, Joondalup Magistrates Court, Fremantle Magistrates Court and the former Building Disputes Tribunal of the Builders’ Registration Board of Western Australia.

All disputes need not necessarily end in court. Andrew has experience in negotiating with builders and owners after inspection of the issues to bring about resolution of problems without court action.

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