Dispute Resolution


Is your builder not listening? Have you rang him and rang him to no avail?

Does the Builder brush off your concerns with “She’ll be right, mate” or “wait until it’s finished’ ?

Andrew’s advice would be to have the property thoroughly inspected. If there are significant problems a meeting can be arranged between Andrew and the Builder to discuss those concerns to gain a plan of action.

Yes, it is frustrating that the Builder doesn’t return phone calls – bring that to a head with a building inspection and report from ABBC.

The report will describe the problem for the Builder and give him a possible solution. Our advice will help the builder to get back on track with the works and his relationship back on track with you the client.

Andrew is well-experienced with dealing with Builders on site, in negotiating with Builder’s using their language and terminology, in pointing out what is OK and what is not.

Andrew has in the past been engaged by Builders to determine if they have a legitimate dispute or not. Andrew’s experience tells it like it is to client or owner, to use the facts to solve a dispute.

Whether Builder or Owner, call Andrew today to make an appointment to view the works, so that the real problems can be dealt with.