Conditions of Inspection



This agreement between the Client and Andrew Booth Building Consultant is to identify the purpose, scope and acceptance criteria for the report.

1. The inspector for the inspection will be Andrew Booth B.E. (Civil) MAIB MIEAust Registered Builder 9179.

2. The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser regarding the condition of the property at the time of the inspection.

3. The inspection will comprise a visual assessment of the property to identify major defects, structural defects and safety issues with the property. The building will be compared with houses previously inspected by the inspector of similar type and age of construction.

4. The cost of rectification of defects will not form part of this report.

5. The inspector will attempt to inspect all accessible areas relevant to the buildings on the property – it is the responsibility of the Client to arrange right of entry and to facilitate physical entry to the property.

6. The Client acknowledges that there are likely be limitations to the ability of the inspector to inspect the property such as common types of restriction such as heights, narrow boundary clearances, thick vegetation, small roof or crawl space; limited access or limited vision will limit the capacity of the inspector to fully report on the condition of the property.

7. The Client acknowledges that the inspector can only inspect those areas which are reasonably visible and reasonably accessible. Building elements which are covered, shielded or otherwise inaccessible will not be inspected.

8. The inspector does not guarantee to inspect all items present on the day of inspection. If the item is not specifically described, it may not have been inspected.

9. Asbestos is a commonly-used building material in Australia and may be present in the property. This inspector makes no guarantee that any or all of the asbestos material present will be or can be identified in the report, even if specifically requested to do so.

10. Any dimensions given are approximate only. Descriptions of materials are broad descriptions for information only. There may be several different types of material present; only the most commonly seen may be described.

11. The inspector has limited recent trade price experience. Any cost estimates are approximate only. The Client is recommended to obtain trade quotations for any work which the Client deems necessary to be carried out.

12. The inspector is a registered builder and has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Any opinions given by this inspector are given with this experience and qualifications only. Advice on electrical systems and devices, plumbing, swimming pools, engineering works, surveying, timber pests and legal matters etc. should be sought separately by the client if appropriate.

13. The advice given by Andrew Booth Building Consultant in the report is given in good faith. No responsibility is accepted for any losses, direct or consequential, resulting from this advice. Liability is limited to the cost of the report.

14. The report is not a certificate of compliance of the property within the requirements of any Act, regulation, ordinance, local law or by-law, and is not a warranty against problems developing with the building in the future.

15. If the report is proven not conform to the term and conditions described above to any substantial respect, Andrew Booth Building Consultant will not accept liability unless the Client notifies the Inspector within 60 days of the delivery of the report and the liability is limited to the cost of providing the inspection.

16. Payment for the report is the responsibility of the Client. All reports are to be paid for prior to supplying the report. The inspector will not accept any claims for delays in provision of the report due to delays in payment. Payment can be made at the time of booking or at the time of inspection.

17. This agreement will be the Agreement between the parties; if you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, your objections to these conditions are to be lodge no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of the inspection. The Client accepts the conditions of this agreement as soon as the inspector sets foot on the property to be inspected.