Building In Progress


Do you have a nagging doubt that things are not quite right? Has your builder made an obvious mistake and you are unsure about the less-obvious ones?

Your new home can be inspected as it is being built at any stage.

Andrew will provide an simple, detailed report with photographs which reviews the facets of the house which are completed at

  • Each stage of floor slab
  • Completion of walls
  • Roof has been constructed
  • Ready for tiling
  • Practical Completion

You will be provided with a comprehensive report which not only lists the faults, but describes why they are faulty and gives a reference to the relevant Australian Standard or Building Code.
Other inspectors may only give you a list of faults, which does not meet the requirements of the Building Commission dispute complaint process.

Of course, you will need to give Andrew a copy of all of the latest plans and specifications before he goes to inspect the works, and he will report back within 48 hours.