Complaining to the Building Commission


Are you dissatisfied with the craftsmanship of your builder or his subcontractors? Do you feel consistently ignored?

Andrew can help you achieve resolution of your complaints with the builder.

His advice to you would be to

1.Put your complaint in writing to the builder as early as possible in the building process. Don’t just leave a message with the supervisor or client liaison person, send an email directly to the builder. Photographic evidence is a great addition in getting the problem identified and rectified.

2.If there is no action within 2 weeks to remedy the problem, get a report from a Building Inspectors Association of WA member inspector to document the problem. The report should identify the following:

(i) What is the problem?
(ii) Why is it a problem?
(iii) Which Australian Standards or Building Codes have been breached? And
(iv) What would be a suitable remedy to the problem?

Andrew Booth has the experience to write that report. Andrew may also recommend a face-to-face discussion with the Builder. Andrew has the knowledge and ability to speak confidently to the Builder to reach a common-sense resolution of the issues.

If a solution cannot be resolved by discussion, the problem may have to be referred to the Building Commission of Western Australia. Andrew has appeared as an Expert Witness many times to help resolve the problem under the jurisdiction of the Building Commission and the State Administrative Tribunal.

Contact Andrew today to get Andrew out there working to correct those persistent issues!