Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Do you want an independent review of the house you’ve built before you sign on the dotted line?

I offer you the chance to review the plans and specifications to make sure that the house you appear to be getting is the house you want.

Sometimes the house design or specification has been influenced by the salesman or the draftsmen to create something that is easy or cheaper for them – but not tailored to suit your needs or desires. Sometimes, for a little extra building cost you can make lifetime maintenance or running costs so much lower.

Andrew can help you create a picture of the finished house and allow you to take charge of the design process.

For example, it is commonplace for cabinet tops in bathrooms to be 820mm above the floor – have you actually measured to see what that means? OK for the kids, but maybe not OK for your back when you are bending over all the time.

A review of these common items may make the difference between an adequate house and the house that you love, because of the touches that are personal to you.

Just email Andrew a copy of your plans and specifications and for $300 he will give you a detailed ‘shopping list’ of suggestions and comments. For a more personalised face-to-face consultation, reasonable hourly rates apply.

Contact us for details.